Core Values


  • Be quick to take personal responsibility and admit when in error
  • Invite others to speak into our lives to bring out the best in us


  • Prioritize harmonious relationships above self or company interests
  • Promote a strife free environment even in the midst of disagreement

Customer Inspired

  • Listen and learn from our customers’ feedback
  • Respond to customer or employee input in a timely fashion


  • Consciously put ourselves in the other person's shoes
  • Refrain from judgement and assumption in everyday interactions

Environmentally Kind

  • Protect the environment through wise stewardship of the earth’s resources
  • Remain mindful that we are borrowing the earth from future generations

Eternal Perspective

  • Choose to do today what will outlive us tomorrow
  • Value what God values…character, relationships and love


  • Realize all blessings come from God, and we get the joy of sharing those blessings with others
  • Believe that the best investment we can ever make is into the life of another person


  • Remember that without God, we have no purpose and without customers, we have no company
  • Seek opportunities to say, “thank you” through both word and action


  • Recognize that apart from God we can do nothing of true significance
  • Remain teachable with an open mind to feedback


  • Always do the honorable thing regardless of the consequences
  • Maintain congruency between our values and our actions

Life/Work Balance

  • Value people over profits
  • Encourage rest and rejuvenation which results in better creativity and production


  • Inquire of God in all we do
  • Admit we are not able to accomplish any of this on our own

We need God, we need people, we need each other.